Innovation that matters

Innovation isn’t (just) about ideation workshops, design thinking, and prototyping. It’s about how the team works. It’s about how new ideas are approved and funded. It’s about leadership that encourages experimentation, not fear. August can help you unlock your organization’s capacity to innovate, permanently.

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Team productivity

Now more than ever, it’s essential that we make serious progress every day. Competitors, partners, friends – they’re improving their speed and agility by working differently and you can, too. August brings tools and technologies that accelerate teams’ and organizations’ ability to get the right stuff done.

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Organizational health

Burnout and stress lead to overheated team dynamics, mistakes, and disconnection. Organizational health surveys in HR leaders’ inboxes show a mix of yellow and red. Hi-po future leaders jumping ship to find purposeful work. These are problems we all face, and we don’t have to. Working in a new way isn’t just possible, it’s easy

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