OKRs and KPIs—Defining Metrics for Innovative Teams

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Innovative teams need different metrics, here’s how to do it.


Innovative teams...

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Prototypes vs. MVPs — What’s the difference?

“Yellow box of crayons sit on a wooden table” by   Evan Kirby

 An easy breakdown to get your team started.



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Quick and Simple User Tests

Validate your assumptions in little time with little budget

Becoming a learning or more agile organization takes time. It requires mindset...

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Pitching Creative Ideas to Stakeholders

A fun poster in   August HQ

An easy how-to guide to help your idea make sense

Brilliant ideas are everywhere inside of our...

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The Insane Push to be Disruptive

How to make innovation inside your organization work


In every company and organization there is no shortage of brilliant ideas....

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How to Travel for Work and Stay Sane

A bike ride through Bavaria using the hotel bike-sharing program.

Lessons from traveling at 100%

Some of the things I am...

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How to Be Human at Work

On a hot summer day in Brooklyn, I sat around a lunch table with my colleagues talking about Wholeness. In particular, our...

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Using Consent to make decisions faster

We’re living in an era of unprecedented uncertainty, and there are too many factors at play to give us a chance at making the “right” decisions....

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Small Experiments With Radical Intent

Several months back, Erica and I were doing an introductory session with a Global Operations team inside of one of August's larger clients.

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Cooperation & Discord

Cooperation requires active adjustment of policies to meet the demands of others; demands are a representation of shared interests and lack of...

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