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Hybrid Work Playbook

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Get Stuff Done!

Make it easier to manage priorities and workload, make decisions, and make progress in the midst of constant change and uncertainty


Create a Future-Ready Workplace

Learn new methods that make the most of how we gather, communicate, and collaborate - together and apart.


Build a Culture Where People Thrive

Cultivate a healthy and inclusive culture that balances diverse needs, values wellbeing, and avoids burnout.

Don't miss your opportunity.

There's an amazing potential on the other side of this transition. Organizations who are adapting quickly to hybrid work are showing us a future where collective success isn't limited by where people are located, whether we connect in-person or online, or how we integrate our lives at work and beyond.

We created this playbook to enable leaders and teams rethink and reset the way they work.

The playbook contains a collection of practices and supporting guides, templates, and videos, that are designed to quickly improve key aspects of how teams work that have the biggest impact on team performance and engagement.

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  • 5 Instructional Videos


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Learning & Development Leaders – Empower your organization with a robust toolkit for navigating this challenging moment.

HR Partners – Support leaders and teams with ready-to-apply practical tools, videos, guides, and templates.

Managers – Learn key hybrid work skills and insightful tips about how to lead and support employees.

Team Leaders – Help your team manage workload, collaborate effectively, and strengthen relationships.

Individuals – Be ready to thrive as you juggle remote and in-person work - and everything in-between.

This playbook is for…

There is an urgent need to address the challenges and opportunities of hybrid work.

Over 70%

of workers want flexible remote work options to continue


4 million

US employees quit their jobs in April 2021



of US employees report feeling at least somewhat burned out


2.3 million+

women have left the workforce


Black women are

Over 65%

of workers want more in-person time


of employees want flexibility in at least where or when they work - or both’


of virtual or work-from-home (WFH) employees are working more hours now than they were in the office

2x as likely

as women overall to say that they can't bring their whole selves to work

* sources below

The Hybrid Work Playbook is designed to improve:

  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion & Equity

What’s included?

  • What is Hybrid Work?
  • Models for Hybrid Work
  • Equity & Inclusion in Hybrid Work
  • Team Agreements
    • Instructional VIDEO
    • Template + Recommended Starter Agreements for Hybrid Work
  • Reduce Workload
    • "Even Over" Strategies & Prioritization Matrix How-To Guide
  • Decision Owner
    • Domain & Decision Rights Template
  • Decision Methods
    • Instructional VIDEO
    • Advice & Consent - Decision Methods How-To Guide
  • Work In Public
    • Tech Stack for Hybrid Work
  • Meet With Purpose
    • Meeting Types & Cadence How-To Guide
  • Rounds
    • Instructional VIDEO
    • How-To Guide and Sample Prompts
  • Equity Self-Check
    • Instructional VIDEO
    • Self-Check Worksheet
  • Wellbeing Reflection
    • Instructional VIDEO
    • Self-Reflection Worksheet
    • Wellbeing Group Work Session Guide
  • Hybrid Work Check-In
    • Manager 1:1 Conversation Guide
  • Feedback Across Difference
    • Self-Reflection Worksheet
  • Fun Hybrid Team Building Activities!