Remember: "innovate" is a verb

August can help you unlock your organization’s capacity to innovate, permanently. We work from the people upward – rather than from the Powerpoint, down – to make it easier for good ideas to get into people’s hands. We see everyone as a potential source for innovation, and believe that everything, from compensation plans, to grant requests, to brand positioning, can be iterated on like a product.

Teams working with us can expect to 10x their pace. This means that ideas that are stuck in “someday” lists end up actually getting tested with users.

Teams working with us can expect a new mindset. Their actual output will often change: simply working in a new way will pull the team to deliver working versions of their ideas, rather than slideshows; honoring multiple perspectives calls teams toward more inclusive business models and concepts.

Cracking the innovation problem from the bottom up means that the change lasts beyond our engagement, and beyond the initial delivery of new product.

Start by starting

  • Learn how to Prototype your work with users instead of just writing decks about your plans
  • Transition from traditional hierarchy to a mission-driven structure