Leadership Development

New capabilities for a new era

Offering in brief

We support leaders as they develop the mindsets, skills, and systems to activate change in volatile and uncertain conditions.

What to tell your boss

August will help leaders explore new mindsets and practices that enable them to make smarter decisions more rapidly, organize their teams around key business priorities, engage and retain top talent, and leverage digital technology. Leaders should expect to work through real challenges in 1-on-1 and Leadership Team coaching sessions, specific assignments with reflection and assessment, and workshops with direct reports. With new mindsets, practices and relationships in place, leaders can expect their teams’ progress to accelerate, and engagement survey results to improve.

Why it’s better

  • Leadership coaching is everywhere, and it’s effective – but it mostly reinforces the management systems of yesteryear. Our approach to Leadership Development focuses on setting up leaders at every level for success in an adaptive, self-organized world
  • We offer leaders simple, repeatable practices, not lectures on hard-to-apply theory
  • The practices we teach are deeply connected to our Organization Design and Team Acceleration offers, adding leverage to other projects already underway

How other leaders scope their projects

Leadership Development is frequently scoped as an additional workstream in support of Organization Design or Team Acceleration, or used as a way to extend support after our primary engagements have concluded. It’s most impactful when multiple leaders engage as a team.

Budget allocation


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Download our report on the changing role of the C-Suite, with particular emphasis on the new roles needed to survive in a world dominated by uncertainty and the growing impact of software. Packed with examples and next steps.