Team Acceleration

Twice the work in half the time

Offering in brief

Our consultants embed with teams to solve priority problems using new ways of working in a high-intensity sprint.

What to tell your boss

August will jumpstart the team’s productivity by clarifying its mission, priorities, and agreements. They’ll coach team-members in new ways to prioritize the work, new meeting methods, and new working tools that simplify communication and knowledge management. In as little as four weeks, the team will make significant progress on leaders’ high-priority initiatives, while becoming immersed in new ways of working. The outcome of the sprint can be used to generate support for the company’s change efforts.

Why it’s better

  • It’s not just a training program – teams actually get work done while learning new, practical methods
  • It works for any team, from supply chain, to finance, to leadership
  • It’s specifically tailored to the organization’s culture, not a Trademarked Blueprint™
  • The work isn’t just faster – it’s more inclusive and innovative because the methods of production have been altered
  • Some of our clients have said that this is actually life-changing

How other leaders scope their projects

Team Acceleration is typically the first thing August does with a client, serving as a foundation for future change, or as an entree to a deeper shift. Projects range from 8 to 16 weeks, and can impact anywhere from one to eight individual teams within an organization.

Budget allocation


Case Study

When we first met with the leaders of a global CPG in 2015, they knew that the world was changing rapidly. They knew that digital technology changed the marketplace. They knew that companies that didn’t learn to adapt were falling behind.

We worked with their category leadership and HR leaders to build a movement toward a new way of working that would stick and scale exponentially. 

In 18 months, the easy-to-adopt set of practices reached tens of thousands of employees in over 60 cities globally. The practices were inspirational and impactful enough that teams raised their hands and workers are evangelized the shift without incentives.

You can read more about this case here, and we'd love to tell you more over coffee (or Zoom).