Adaptivity at Scale

We create new operating systems that enable organizations to continuously adapt in response to a changing world.


Our Approach

August replaces the cycle of massive, painful re-orgs with iterative, participatory changes to structure, process, and team collaboration.

We work with leaders and teams across the organization to capture the true state of how work gets done, based on shared missions, independent of formal reporting lines. Based on organizational goals, we enable teams to design their own roles, structures, and processes. We then design a collaborative way of identifying what’s working, where teams are getting stuck, and what iterative improvements we can make.

Why August?

  • Every organization we’ve worked with has extensive, robust governance...that never gets used. Our approach ensures that the org chart is a tool for action, not a thought-exercise for high-paid consultants.
  • Continuous organization, involving people from the front line to the Board of Directors, involves the collective intelligence of the entire group.
  • Clear, useful organization design ensures equity – everyone can learn how the organization works without relying on implicit or unspoken rules of the road.


How we Engage

Our Org Design engagements typically build on previous engagements with our client partners, helping to scale an established organizational change program. The organizational change happens steadily, with active buy-in from everyone it touches, and with the full commitment of leadership.

In the words of our partners

As a company, we innovate faster. We make decisions, and we don't get stuck. And our teams work more harmoniously together.

The team at August are simply wonderful. They have personally impacted my professional life in the best of ways. The seeds they sowed for us are literally catching on fire across all our businesses now.

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Karina Mangu-Ward