Your organization can get more of the right work done every day

August can help organizations and teams get more done every day. We do this by offering techniques, tools and technologies – never forcing people to change, but instead asking them to try things that can help. Whether it’s a facilitated session that helps them get unstuck, a series of sessions with a leader to unlock more decision-making authority for their direct reports, or an entirely new and adaptive structure that gives more people more chances to succeed, we’re actively working with and for our clients to figure out how to solve the productivity riddle.

Of course it’s true that organizations, teams and people don’t get enough done. It can feel like nothing ever really changes inside of large, complex groups – folks just keep pushing the same ideas through the same processes with little to show for it. Unlike traditional management consultancies, we don’t replace the people, the organizational structure, or the leadership – we help each of these factors transition into more effective, tuned versions, fit for the challenges of today.

We’re happy to report that these changes work – we frequently see 15-30x improvement in pace with no sacrifices in engagement or quality. So when our clients make the shift, they don’t go back.

If you have a productivity problem, we can help.

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