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Are you passionate about reducing bureaucracy, empowering teams, and driving innovation? Join our team!

August was founded to help organizations realize their most ambitious goals by building more open, agile and inclusive teams. Our superpower is helping organizations succeed in a world where change and complexity are the new normal. 

What we do:

  • Agile Ways of Working - We help our clients apply the principles of agility, quickly test and iterate, reflect and adjust as they go, and make learning a regular habit.
  • Strategic Planning and Prioritization - We help our clients create and communicate a clear vision that makes it easier to prioritize in a constantly shifting environment. 
  • Empowered Decision Making - We help our clients make faster and more inclusive decisions using everyday practices before, during, and after decisions.
  • Operationalize Equity & Inclusion - We help our clients cultivate behaviors and build systems that make it possible for everyone to speak up and succeed.
  • Learning Culture - We help our clients increase the pace and quality of learning to make it easier for people to take smart risks and continuously improve.
  • Innovative Leadership Development - We’ll help leaders create an environment where creativity flourishes, teams are empowered, and divergent perspectives are embraced.

We’re a growing team with members in New York, Oakland, London and Denver. We work with Fortune 500 corporations, global and national non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Our clients are located across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

If our mission aligns with your own personal purpose and experience, we’re excited to hear from you.


About The Role

We are actively recruiting Senior Consultants to lead transformation programs for our clients.

In this role, your work will include:

  • Developing and spreading new principles and practices inside client orgs
  • Providing strategic advisement or direction on organization design and development
  • Coaching teams, leaders and executives
  • Facilitating meetings and workshops
  • Developing training curriculum and learning programs
  • Growing and deepening meaningful relationships with clients and stakeholders 
  • Identifying and developing new business opportunities
  • Winning compelling, qualified work (establishing fit and readiness)
  • Accurately scoping projects, including deliverables, resources and fees
  • Communicating complex ideas and information through visual design
  • Traveling to client sites (when it’s safe to travel and gather again)

In addition, you will also likely hold other roles focused on growing August’s business that may include:

  • Developing original theory and sharing it through writing, speaking, and networking
  • Recruiting and interviewing potential new candidates
  • Mentoring and onboarding new employees
  • Participating in weekly finance, new business and recruiting meetings
  • Growing the capacity of the August team around equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Building August’s network with senior-level professionals and outstanding talent
  • Bonus points if you can speak to experience developing others, teams and creating and implementing new admin systems and processes.

Our team is self-organizing. As a member, it's very likely that you will hold multiple roles at any one moment, and that those roles will evolve over time.  We expect members to actively participate in shaping our roles, structures, and process as the world around us changes.


Your Experience

We’re looking for candidates that have:

  • Designed and led consulting engagements focused on new ways of working and organizing across multiple large, complex organizations 
  • Strong coaching & facilitation skills and can facilitate work sessions with executive-level teams; has coached a team through major moments of change
  • Fluency in and commitment to principles and practices related to equity, diversity and inclusion

These are less important, but we’d also be excited about candidates who have:

  • Developed a network of mid-level to senior-level professionals in our industry and potential client organizations - from a business development and talent perspective
  • Developed, tested, and published original theory on organization design, organization development, change management, or the “future of work”
  • 5-7 years of similar professional experience

We also expect all August candidates to be adept at:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Personal knowledge management
  • Adapting to change, learning, dealing with uncertainty
  • Maintaining a high personal capacity
  • Failure management
  • Being a good team citizen
  • Self-awareness

We strive to screen in rather than out. We welcome your application, even if you feel you do not meet every single requirement outlined above.


Benefits of Working at August

Work-life integration: We trust you to use your best judgment about where and when to do your work. Take a vacation when you need it, work from home while you wait for a delivery, share a beer after work with your team, have a retrospective over breakfast!

Everyone is a member of the leadership team: Because we’re self-managed, everyone gets to make big, important decisions and run a real, profit-earning business.

Build the culture and business with us: We are a growing company, with lots of change ahead of us. We are also sure that we don’t know everything yet, and we are eager to build something together.

Learn fast: Continual improvement is core to how we operate. Every team member is given the resources and full commitment of the company to accelerate their career development.

Experience the world: Our clients and partners are everywhere. If you enjoy delivering work to clients across different cultures and time zones and enjoy travel (once it's safe again), you have the chance to experience some of the most interesting places in the world.

No strings attached: We believe that healthy employee retention relies on engagement and connection to the collective purpose. We don’t believe in negative retention tactics and do not ask team members to sign non-compete or non-solicitation agreements.

Radical transparency: We are committed to sharing all information about our business internally and share as much as we can with the external world. Check out our public drive to see this in practice.

Great health benefits: 100% health insurance coverage for individuals and families.


Salary & Compensation

The role and experience outlined above correspond to a Level 3 (out of 6) in August’s capacity system. The base salary, not including bonus, for all Level 3 Team Members in our organization is $128,267. All salaries at August are transparent to all team members. In order to maintain equity and avoid bias, we do not adjust salaries for individual team members through negotiation.


Our Hiring Process

Apply online by completing the form below.

Applications will close April 6th. 1st and 2nd and interviews will take place in March and April. The 3rd interviews (a capacity demonstration session) will take place in April and May. We’re targeting for a May or June start date.

We frequently update and refine our hiring process based on candidate feedback. Our current version is outlined in detail here.

Read our article on how August made team diversity part of the foundation of our company – Tackling Team Diversity: Tactics, Lessons, and Data.

Pro-tip: It’s worth reading Mike’s post on ‘how to get a job doing what we do’.


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