Our Public Google Drive

Our commitment to transparency means that anything we can share publicly, we share publicly.

Our Public Google drive contains everything we can legally share, including our financial model, our original IP and work we haven't even finished yet. We make this publicly available because:

  • We believe that our work is helped by making as much information as we can easily accessible to others who might share our purpose.
  • We believe that sharing our compensation model will drastically decrease the likelihood that implicit or explicit biases — based on gender, race, or any other difference — will create unfair differences in what our members earn. 
  • We want you to give us feedback on our work-in-progress: leave comments, suggest edits and let us know what isn't working or making sense. By receiving guidance along the way, we can adjust our thinking and save us wasting time on ideas that may be completely off target. 
  • We want to model radical transparency. We hope to plant a seed for other organizations who are considering similar approaches. We hope that they will take this, adapt and change it, and share what they learn.

Also, just a heads up that our entire organization structure, including roles, policies and teams is captured in Glassfrog.


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