Twice the impact in half the time

We embed side by side with project teams to help them solve critical business problems using faster, more agile, and more collaborative ways of working.


Our Approach

August will jumpstart the team’s productivity by clarifying its mission, priorities, and commitments. We coach team-members in adaptive methods for project management, better and more efficient team meetings, and tools and practices for simplifying communication and information sharing.

In as little as four weeks, teams make significant progress on leaders’ high-priority initiatives, while becoming immersed in new ways of working. The rapid impact often becomes a catalyst for broader organizational change – change informed by what’s working, rather than by trends and theory.

Why August?

  • It’s not just a training program – teams actually get work done while learning new, practical methods
  • It works for any team, from marketing, to supply chain, to R∓D, to finance, to leadership
  • It’s specifically tailored to each organization’s culture, not an off-the-shelf Trademarked Solution™
  • The work isn’t just faster – it’s more inclusive and innovative because the underlying mindsets and behaviors are changed
  • More than one of our clients has said working in this new way on a team that we coached was actually life-changing


How we Engage

Team Acceleration is typically the first thing August does with a client partner, serving as a foundation for future change, or as an entrée to a deeper shift. Projects range from 8 to 16 weeks, and can impact anywhere from one to eight individual teams within an organization.

In the words of our partners

I've never seen as much progress in four months, clearly thanks to the new way of working from August

You helped me bring the team together and shift attitudes, in a real and meaningful way. Today feels different – we are loving the team spirit.

I am very, very happy with how this has gone. This is definitely the best, most insightful, most cogent version of pilot outcomes I have seen from every time I have done this. Over-joyed is not an over-statement for how I feel about this progress with the pilots.

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Erica Seldin, Co-Founder and President