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The Most Common 8 Do Differently's

The dynamics of hybrid teams can be tricky. One of the easiest ways to help your hybrid team become more effective and engaged to conduct a Team Retrospective


The Retro asks three simple questions: 

  • What went well?
  • Where did you get stuck?
  • What will we do differently next time?

We've been conducting retros with hybrid teams around the world for the last few years. Here's the top 8 things we've heard from hybrid teams want to Do Differently:

  • Encourage daily “dark hours” where computers are shut
  • Evolve office spaces to support a hybrid model; focus on collaboration versus individual work
  • Create shared “golden hours” where everyone is expected to be online across time zones
  • Increase one-on-one check-ins and attention to human care to match the added demands of the pandemic
  • Offer multiple ways to participate in a meeting; in-person, on video call, voice-only call, watch the recording, read the notes
  • Acknowledge and understand the in-home distractions that come from blending the home and the office
  • Avoid back to back to back calls, which lead to burnout and brain fog
  • Use team retros to regularly discuss how hybrid/remote work is going, especially after the implementation of a new structure or policy


Which of these resonates most with you?


To learn more about conducting retrospectives with your hybrid team, check out this summary.


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