Our Capabilities

We can help you embrace uncertainty and unlock your potential.

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Organizational Transformation

Make change stick by evolving your strategy, structures, processes and people.

Leadership Vision

Change Readiness

Agility at Scale

Hybrid & Flexible Work


Change Management

Lead human-centered change that moves your culture forward.

Stakeholder Engagement & Analysis

Impact Assessment

Communications Strategy

Change Champions

Sustainability & Embedding Change


Leadership Development

Empower leaders with the skills and mindsets to thrive in the future of work.

Strategy & Program Design

Leadership Competency Models

Individual Leadership Coaching

Leadership Training Programs

Performance & Feedback Coaching

DEI Coaching & Training


Strategic Planning (and Doing)

Develop agile strategies that sense and respond to emerging opportunities.

Vision & Mission Development

Strategy Summit

Strengths & Opportunities Analysis

Strategic Initiatives & Action Planning

Pilot Teams


Organization Design

Craft structures, processes, and roles that are fit for purpose and for people.


Collaborative Design Workshops

Team Design

Workflow & Process Evolution

Governance & Domain

Talent Development Pathways


Culture Transformation

Evolve your organizational culture to become more open, agile, and human-centered.

Employee Voice & Culture Assessment

Vision & Values Development

System & Policy Alignment

Leadership Development for Cultural Change

Change Champions & Culture Ambassadors

Measurement & Evaluation

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Erica Seldin

Working with us

Our Expertise

Our four transformation levers create a responsive framework for driving accelerated, enduring change.

Agile Ways of Working 

Apply the principles of agility to make meaningful progress faster. Test and iterate quickly, reflecting and adjusting as you go.

Operationalizing Equity & Inclusion 

Cultivate behaviors and systems that make it possible for everyone to contribute ideas, share concerns, address conflict, and ask questions.

Empowered Decision Making 

Make faster, higher-quality decisions that integrate all perspectives without getting caught in the swirl of inaction.

Psychological Safety 

Build a learning culture where people are empowered to take smart risks, grow from mistakes, and speak up without fear.

Guiding Principles

The 20th-century's command-and-control model, rooted in obsessive planning and the pretense of predictability, is now preventing 21st century organizations from reaching their full potential. Our guiding principles can help you shed this outdated way of working.

Be Purpose-Driven

Focus on the impact you’re trying to achieve together, and let that clarity of purpose shape and guide your work.

Design for Networks

Enable people to contribute, regardless of who they are – across functions, divisions, levels of seniority, and even beyond the formal boundaries of the organization.

Distribute Authority

Empower individuals with the autonomy to take action, seeking input from colleagues rather than permission.

Learn by Doing

Adopt a "make → test → learn → iterate" approach to all work, combined with a steady rhythm of testing and reflecting on a weekly basis.

Default to Open

Make information easily accessible and visible by default - including budgets, decisions, and work in progress.

Our Unique Partnership

Our work has shown us that there is no single, one-size-fits-all system that can address the needs of every organization. This is why our change management methods are built on the principles of human-centered design. Our change initiatives succeed because they are designed with and for the people who want to change.

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We empower individuals

Our work deliberately breaks down the traditional command-and-control dynamic within large organizations. We collaborate with senior-most sponsors to support and model this change, empowering teams and individuals to work faster, smarter, and with greater autonomy.

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We coach from within

Changing how people work together requires a high degree of empathy and agility. Over time, our approach has led us to eradicate the boundaries of typical consulting relationships. We work side-by-side with our clients, leading change and building capacity through coaching and daily practice.

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We iterate and scale

There is no standard, one-size-fits-all model that works for all teams. Each culture presents its own levers for change, as well as its own areas of resistance. We swiftly pinpoint the best opportunities for change, engage all employees in a participatory process to ‘edit’ their organization, and scale what works.

We can’t wait to jump in and begin your company’s evolution.
Erica Seldin
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