Operationalizing Equity & Inclusion




The Challenge

Most established ways of working reinforce patriarchy and white supremacy. They uphold an inequitable status quo that keeps individuals and organizations from doing their best work.

How We Help

We’ll help you operationalize equity and inclusion through changes that are technical (policies and practices) and relational (values and mindsets). By adopting new ways of working helps that redistribute power, redefine professionalism, and are radically inclusive, we can get better business results and create a more just world.


Our Experience

We’ve guided nonprofit, philanthropic, and corporate organizations of all sizes to make impactful changes around equity and inclusion, shifting from good intentions to meaningful practices that create tangible change. This shift leads to increased authenticity, empathy, and trust, better decision making, and retention of top talent.

“August was instrumental in helping us set the foundation for a more inclusive team. Their tools and techniques to identify inequity in the workplace such as unconscious bias and microaggressions were simple, yet effective. The team has wholeheartedly adopted the August principles and we look forward to sharing these with our broader organization.”

— Imtiaz Hussain, Senior Director at Bayer Pharmaceuticals

In the words of our partners


Client Spotlight

Bayer Pharmaceuticals wanted to increase inclusion and innovation, but had done little education and reflection about how bias and oppression affect its employees. It made a new commitment to diversity and inclusion but needed support with foundational training.


We co-designed an interactive training series that covered three key concepts: Implicit Bias, Microaggressions, and Psychological Safety alongside a toolkit of 14 everyday inclusion practices. The everyday practices included a focus on  Vs. Impact, Rounds, Decision-Making Checklist, Microaffirmations, and more. This foundational training gave participants common language, understanding, and practical actions they could begin to use right away.


Over the course of a year, we trained 530 leaders across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific in 15-person cohorts. Participants reported that their new language and skills will help them more effectively lead diverse teams. Participants said they were very likely to recommend the training (8.5 out of 10).


Our team has really enjoyed working with August. Their consultants were able to conduct the most inclusive process we’ve had for obtaining deep insights from our team members on how we could improve our culture. They were relentless about making sure all voices were heard and valued. They approach every conversation with a positive, collaborative spirit and truly listen to understand what makes our organization unique so that we can come to the solutions that make the most sense for us.”

-Jean De La Mata,
Charter School Growth Fund

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A typical partnership includes

Organizational Assessment

Assess the current state of equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging at your organization


Build Shared Understanding

Lead teams and leaders through the fundamentals of systems and behaviors that impact equity and inclusion


Design Custom Playbook

Customize and codify practices that operationalize inclusion, belonging and equity


Co-Create Systems Change

Advance key systems changes with small, diverse, and empowered cross-functional teams


Our partners who have operationalized equity and inclusion


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