Psychological Safety through a Learning Culture




The Challenge

The most important ingredient in building a high performing, learning organization is creating a culture where people can speak up and share ideas - even risky or challenging ideas - without fear.

How We Help

We work with leaders and teams to cultivate a fearless culture where everyone shares ideas, asks questions, raises concerns, and learns from mistakes together, without worrying about being punished or excluded. We help you develop psychological safety as a foundation to supporting a learning culture at your organization.


Our Experience

Since our founding, the principles of psychological safety have been at the heart of the programs and practices we bring to our partners. With the support of Amy C. Edmondson, the world’s leading scholar on the topic, we have found simple, but powerful methods to help organizations build cultures of continuous learning.

“August helped us build psychological safety across our organization. The teams that August coached were 38% more likely to feel encouraged to think creatively, be innovative, and take smart risks.” 

— Senior Leader at American Fashion Retailer

August improves innovation, teaming and psychological safety



In the words of our partners

Client Spotlight

A national nonprofit organization that provides health care services was already facing significant headwinds before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, as an organization committed to providing equitable access to health care for all people, the team was deeply affected by the 2020 protests for racial justice.


Even as the needs of the patients and communities they served increased, leaders in the organization recognized that it was critically important to foster a culture where everyone could speak up with their ideas, listen deeply to each other, and learn together through a turbulent time. 


August worked with this partner to quickly create and deliver a set of trainings focused on psychological safety and leading through change with empathy. Leaders and team members reported feeling better equipped to navigate the unique challenges of 2020. The result was an organization that could operate with humanity while still making progress on its ambitious community service goals.


Explore more about this story in our blog post, From Lead by Telling to Lead by Listening.


"August is a world-class partner for organizations who are ready to move from insights to action. They support you in bringing the ideas of psychological safety to life in your company." 

Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School and the author of The Fearless Organization

Amy C. Edmondson Talk on Psychological Safety


A typical partnership includes

Assess and Diagnose

Measure the current state, strengths, and weaknesses of psychological safety on your teams


Design Playbook

Customize and codify psychological safety practices to support full scale rollout


Partner with Leaders

Build the capacity of leaders to cultivate psychological safety and support a learning culture


Train Teams

Develop the knowledge and skills of intact working teams to cultivate psychological safety


Our partners who have improved psychological safety


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