Agile Ways of Working




The Challenge

Traditional ways of working slow you down as you manage legacy plans and processes instead of empowering teams to act and learn rapidly.

How We Help

We’ll help you apply the principles of agility to all types of work so you can make twice the impact in half the time. You’ll learn how to quickly test and iterate, get closer to the end user, improve the speed of execution, and make continuous learning a regular habit. New ways of working help you thrive in the face of uncertainty.


Our Experience

We’ve supported Fortune 500s, international nonprofits, and government agencies to accelerate business critical missions, spark global change movements, and create measurable behavior change that resulted in tangible impact. Teams we support work 15-30% faster and report a meaningful increase in transparency, employee empowerment, and autonomy.

Without August, we would lack the ability to compete at our best in a fast-paced environment.

— Simon Lowden, President & CMO,
Global Snacks Global Insights, PepsiCo

Read the Case Study

August's work with PepsiCo has been featured in a Harvard Business School case study: Responsive Working at PepsiCo UK Streamlining a Turnaround by Amy C. Edmondson and Nancy Boghossian Staples. In this case study, you will learn how PepsiCo UK's Head of Transformation worked with August to introduce a new way of working ("Responsive Working"), leading to significant growth.

In the words of our partners

Client Spotlight

We partnered with a global CPG company to facilitate and coach teams on a set of easy-to-adopt practices to accelerate ten global business priorities, and approach mission critical work in a fundamentally different way.

We coached these global working teams, known as “SLAM Teams,” in a weekly cadence of meetings (Action, Collaboration, and Demo) focused on improving speed, transparency, and innovation.

At the same time, we developed a set of custom ways of working practices that were easy to adopt and scale across the world. This “stack” of practices became the client’s new way of working, and was adopted by practitioners globally, and reinforced through internal coaches and facilitators.

Ultimately, we worked with an internal steering team to coach and scale the new working practices across priority teams and to a network of 1,000+ internal coaches.


Award-Winning Innovation

Using new ways of working practices, an agile cadence, and disruptive customer insights tools, August coached an agile team for a Global CPG company that won “Best of Innovation” rated No. 1 in its category at the Consumer Electronics Show.


A typical partnership includes

Real World Application

Coach teams to adopt new ways of working to accelerate progress on real business priorities


Codify New Practices

Test and validate new practices, capturing and scaling those practices that stick


Coach Executives

Work with senior leaders to develop mindsets necessary to support new ways of working


Build Capacity

Integrate new working practices into the organization learning systems


Our partners who have improved agile ways of working


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