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6 videos share how Autodesk improved decision making

Keara Mascareñaz

Decision making is a pain point for many organizations, often preventing teams from achieving the speed, innovation, and engagement they are aiming for.

Autodesk, is an 11,000 person software company that has been focused on improving decision making for the past year. The Autodesk leadership team sees decision making as a key lever for improving belonging, employee engagement, and business performance.

August Public is pleased to share six videos with Autodesk leaders Rita Giacalone, Senior Director, Global Head of Culture, Diversity and Belonging and Jyoti Argade, Manager, Culture, Diversity and Belonging, discussing their work and the impact it has had. The videos answer questions like:

  • Why did Autodesk want to improve decision making?
  • How did Autodesk improve decision making?
  • How does decision making support Autodesk's values and goals for inclusion?

If you’re interested in learning more about Autodesk’s decision making check out August's public resources and look for our case study, which will be published later this month. We're also hosting a webinar on faster, better decision making on December 9, register at

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