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Pivot Solar Uses Decision Making to Scale Execution & Impact

Keara Mascareñaz

The August Team was incredibly lucky to partner with Pivot Energy in 2022-2023. Pivot is a national leader in renewable energy services and software and has been growing rapidly over the past two years, tripling in size and extending their impact across the U.S.


Equity and Collaboration in the Decision-Making Process

Working with Pivot was a values-alignment dream for August. We’ve been proud to support Pivot’s mission of accelerating the transition to decentralized and cleaner energy, and supporting equitable access to clean energy.

Pivot has a strong foundation of trust, collaboration, and innovation. And as Pivot has grown in size, scale, and complexity, the leadership team has been focused on ensuring their effectiveness and employee retention scales with them. They identified decision making as an area of improvement, and sought new habits to seed across the organization.


Iterative Decisions for Habit-Based Solutions

Pivot decided to partner with August because of our expertise in decision making, our approach of co-designing custom solutions, and our belief that effective habit building should start with leveraging existing strengths and adding in small everyday practices that everyone across the org can use.

As our project sponsor, CEO Tom Hunt shared:

Our company culture relies on transparency and accountability. It was important for every team member to understand how decisions are made and how they can take initiative in the workplace. I'm thrilled that we have the tools to make that happen.”

Scaling New Decision-Making Models

Together, we used a multi-pronged approach to scale decision making mindsets and practices across the organization, including:

  • Coaching intact business teams to improve their decision making on a daily and weekly basis through their regular work

  • Building the capacity of a cohort of internal decision making champions

  • Coaching the senior leadership team

  • Redesigning committees to have clearer goals, roles, and decision rights

  • Facilitating leadership team offsites

  • Leading short, live trainings for all staff at company retreats

  • Integrating decision making practices into onboarding, committee design, and manager training

As our project lead, Internal Business Operations Director Laura Geiger shared:

"We were thoughtful about how we rolled out the decision-making training, leveraging champions throughout the organization. Every Pivot employee is responsible for making decisions at some level, and we found it important to offer our staff support to help them successfully navigate those moments."

Learn more about August’s support for decision making in our Decision Making Whitepaper.

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