Org Design

Adaptivity at scale

Offering in brief

We create new operating systems that enable organizations to continuously adapt in response to a changing world.

What to tell your boss

August will work with teams across the organization to capture the existing state of the organization and and develop a set of recommended, sequential iterations to the structure. They will coach the organization and its leaders to adopt these changes and train teams on the tools they need to continually adapt and refine structure, process, work/decision assignment and assessment. In the end, the cycle of massive re-orgs every few years will be replaced by continuous, participatory re-organization, ensuring that the structure is tuned to perfection every month.

Why it’s better

  • Every organization we’ve worked with has clear, robust governance – that never gets used. Our approach ensures that the org chart is a tool for action, not a dalliance of high-paid consultants
  • Continuous organization, involving people from the front line to the Board of Directors, involves the collective intelligence of the entire group
  • Clear, useful organization design ensures equity – everyone can learn how the organization works without relying on implicit or unspoken rules of the road

How other leaders scope their projects

Because our approach is radical, Org Design is typically a culmination of many previous engagements with a firm, spanning months or years. We take an iterative approach to the work – the change happens slowly and through invitation if it is to stick – but these engagements require the full commitment of leadership.

Budget allocation


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Download our report on Continuous Participatory Reorganization – an approach allowing orgs to quickly sense and adapt to change. Written to help executives harness technology, improve communication across teams, and foster a more creative, collaborative, innovative culture.