People come to work wanting to do great things – let’s get out of their way

Since our founding in 2015, we’ve completed just over 50 engagements with large, complex organizations. And while the engagements spanned geographies, industries, functions and goals, there was one common theme: organizational health was an intractable problem. HR and business leaders had tried to fix it, but year-on-year the numbers were looking worse: folks were less clear about their roles; there was less time to get more stuff done; despite endless talk of collaboration, siloes prevailed; the next generation of top talent was either not joining in the first place, or leaving to greener pastures.

August helps solve this problem without the traditional, time-wasting tools. We won’t build one-hundred-page decks about the employee value proposition. We won’t publish binders of change-management guidelines. We won’t pitch a program of table-tents and mousepads.*

But we will activate the kind of change that people want and organizations desperately need. We’ll help teams develop a new cadence (otherwise known as time-based organization design). We’ll help leaders rebuild team designs to put the right people on the right work. We’ll help organizations transition from working in trapped, insecure desktop files to secure, accessible cloud-based platforms.

Parties and offsites aren’t the answer. Giving people the chance to do career-changing work is. And we can help.


*We reserve the right to make tee-shirts and stickers

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