Giving for racial justice in 2020 and beyond

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Giving for racial justice in 2020 and beyond

Black Lives Matter mural
Black Lives Matter mural

For many, the last few years have been a reminder of the pain and violence that result from America's racist systems and institutions. Black and brown folks feel the greatest impact as they navigate a country designed to undervalue and exclude them. The most visible examples are murder by police, but there are countless more subtle impacts of institutional racism flowing through our society. These impacts touch every organization and process that we're a part of—and we can all play a role in changing the status quo.

As a company dedicated to building inclusive and healthy workplaces, we work with clients to uncover how systemic racism and other forms of oppression influence business traditions—around things like decision-making, communication, and power. We're always learning from the wisdom of anti-racist thinkers and figuring out how to apply new practices, tools, and mindsets to our clients' contexts. Beyond our role as consultants, we also support anti-racist organizers who are leading the work of creating a truly equitable society. This organizing is underappreciated and underfunded, yet critical to creating a radically different world... one where race does not limit how some people fare in society while others benefit from an unjust system. Transferring some of our resources to these visionary organizers is one small step in that direction. 

In 2020, we gave 1% of our annual revenue to various racial justice organizations and plan to continue to every year. You can view our policy about it here.

Each member of our team chose one or more organizations, and you’ll see that together they touch different parts of our society and different geographies. Take a look at the excellent work these orgs are doing, and help lift them up by contributing:

Equal Justice Initiative

Creative Reaction Lab

Leaders in Training

Black Lives Matter Detroit

New Georgia Project

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Vera Institute of Justice

Black Women's Health Imperative

F2L: Relief Fund

Black Voters Matter Fund

We The Protesters

Western States Center

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