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A Simple Way to Live Your Org Values

Equity is one of our core values at August. One way we are trying to live up to that value is to partner with organizations that can help us build a more equitable business community. Recently, August created a policy that makes our implicit commitment to DEI in all parts of our business explicit. Check out our policy on supplier diversity below: 

Policy: Values Aligned Supplier Partnership


August should make every effort to obtain goods and services from diverse suppliers. August will consider at least one local small business, minority-owned business enterprises (MBE), women-owned business enterprises (WBE), veteran-owned businesses, or certified B corporations when sourcing for vendors and suppliers. By doing this, August is striving toward its inclusive approach to procurement, its commitment to racial justice and equity, and its intent to impact the world positively.   


Goods and services might include freelancers, retreat destinations and developments, technology hardware and tools, agencies, swag, food, accounts, and lawyers. 


This policy helps to support our value of equity, alongside other roles and policies around anti-racism and environmental justice. As you think about your organizational values, how can you develop simple policies and practices that bring your values to life? Need help- check out our Public drive for more inspiration.

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