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August Retrospective: What we’ve learned in 7 years of organizational transformation

My pals and I co-founded August seven years ago this month. I’m incredibly proud of this milestone, but I have to be honest: the business doesn’t...

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4 Tips for Better Decision-Making

With workplaces in a state of near-constant change, now is the time to reinvent the core process that keeps your organization running.

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We’re reevaluating the 40-hour work week.

At August, we intentionally grant ourselves a lot of autonomy over where, when, and how we work.

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What’s wrong with the RACI model?

Why RACI doesn’t work, and the decision-making models we should use instead.

In my work with leaders and organizations, I often find the RACI model...

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Get started at busting organizational silos

Have you found yourself stuck in a silo? With no way to see the sky above? You are not alone.

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Three Types of Agile Teams

I've lost count of the times a senior leader at one of my client organizations said to me “agile won’t work here.”

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Organization Design for a AI world

How should leaders approach organization design as they navigate the shift to a more automated work environment?

Org design is hard. The scale of...

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Purpose doesn't matter. Leadership does. Here are the numbers.

At our January 2019 Summit (our tenth one!) we worked as a team to come up with a few different concepts for assessing the design quality of...

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Leading Hybrid Teams

Everyday practices for a thriving hybrid culture

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