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Demystifying OKRs: A Training Framework for Leaders & Managers

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are critical for aligning common goals across an organization. But for many leaders and managers, particularly at...

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August Retrospective: What we’ve learned in 7 years of organizational transformation

My pals and I co-founded August seven years ago this month. I’m incredibly proud of this milestone, but I have to be honest: the business doesn’t...

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From Great Workshops to Greater Impact

Here are 6 ways to build momentum on your most ambitious projects.

Every time I participate in a big-picture workshop, I come away incredibly...

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Four Reasons to Consider In-Person Gatherings

The pandemic has taught us that we don't need to default to in person for every activity. Heeding quarantine orders, people set up shop at home and...

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Playbook: From Plan to Predict to Plan to Change

Resilient organizations learned to let go of their need for certainty in 2020. In more ordinary times, detailed planning could minimize wasted time...

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New Ways of working for 2021 and Beyond

What did 2020 reveal about what is possible?

2020 was hard. We struggled to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people fought for racial...

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Leading Hybrid Teams

Everyday practices for a thriving hybrid culture

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