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Cassidy Jones

Cassidy Jones

Cassidy is a strategist, facilitator, and organizational culture nerd. In her role with August, she manages People, Business, and Consulting Operations. Cassidy is passionate and curious about how to develop and lead teams to support progressive change for the public benefit. Prior to her work with August, Cassidy led strategic initiatives, organizational development, and EDI initiatives at a national climate change nonprofit focused on leadership development and advocacy. Based in the Bay Area, Cassidy loves to spend time outside and cook elaborate meals for friends.

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The dynamics of hybrid teams can be tricky. One of the easiest ways to help your hybrid team become more effective and engaged to conduct a Team...

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The Future of Operations: August recertifies as a B Corporation

This month August was recertified as a B Corporation. Originally certified in 2018, we think B Corps are a part of the future of work because they...

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3 Reasons Why August's Value of Public Benefit is More Critical Than Ever

Over the past few years, it's been easy to dismiss "company values" as a sham created by CMO's to enhance their company's image. As we've watched ...

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