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How should leaders think about psychological safety as they confront the COVID-19 crisis?

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Organization Design for a AI world

How should leaders approach organization design as they navigate the shift to a more automated work environment?

Org design is hard. The scale of...

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The 4 Modes of Teamwork

When it comes to good teamwork, you hear a lot of advice about the importance of mission, role clarity and skill set, and engagement. This is all...

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Reading (and listening) recommendations for white folks who want to educate themselves about undoing racism

Over the past year I’ve been trying to begin learning about racism, oppression, and systemic white supremacy in the United States. The more I’ve...

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August State of the Union: March 2017

A lot has happened since we last shared a detailed update on how things are going at August. In many ways March of 2016 honestly feels like a...

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Tackling Team Diversity: Tactics, Lessons, and Data

How August is making diversity part of the foundation of our company

A caveat: If you need to be convinced that diversity is a good and...

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Why we’re going to stop asking candidates about their salary expectations before we make an offer

I used to believe: While asking a candidate to share their salary expectation wasn’t ideal, it was a good way for us at August to gut-check our...

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How To Get A Job Doing What We Do(-ish)…

Creating a career in responsive organization development and consulting

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August: State of the Union, March 2016

To:August team members, our clients and partners, future team members, and our extended network of supporters who share our commitment to...

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The Future of Organizations is Responsive

How to Unlock Your Organization’s Potential to Change the World

Speaker Notes: February 2016

Recorded in Sydney at the Telstra...
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