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Your Decision Making Methods Can Improve DEI and Drive Culture Change

Decision making is, for the most part, an unconscious human activity.  Our brains make tens of thousands of decisions every day, and our work lives...

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Why Your Leadership Development Program Should Focus On Decision Making

Decision making is foundational to every aspect of your business - yet it’s so ubiquitous we rarely talk about it.

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4 Strategies for Leading Mission-Driven Change

Leading change can be lonely work. Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible, particularly in mission-driven contexts where funding, politics, and...

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Pivot Solar Uses Decision Making to Scale Execution & Impact

The August Team was incredibly lucky to partner with Pivot Energy in 2022-2023. Pivot is a national leader in renewable energy services and software...

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Teams and Leaders: Here are 4 steps to speed up your decision-making process.

One of the biggest levers for improving decision making is being able to stop the decision swirl and identify, “OK, it’s time to make a proposal.”

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Leading Hybrid Teams

Everyday practices for a thriving hybrid culture

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